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As energy costs rise year after year it is sensible to ensure that there are no obvious areas of potential heat leakage. Any gaps or sources of drafts can easily be fixed simply by adding a draught excluder as a barrier to prevent loss of precious warmth. To that end we search the internet and bring the resulting wide choice of draught excluders to view at the most competitive prices all in one easy to use website. Choose from fun themed door stops and excluders in animal shapes or from a large choice of professional fixed door and window fitted draught excluders.

draught excluderIf you need to block holes and gaps around windows or loose panels then the various flexible rolls of adhesive draught excluders rolls in strip form are ideal. These are simple to fit and will help prevent draughts and keep heating costs down.

A good strip or excluder is also necessary to ensure that you don’t suddenly become a haven for insects and creepy crawlies as any open space will soon become damp from its exposure to outside elements.

Draught Excluders for sale

Below are a selection of low priced fun and functional draught excluders that should cover most requirements. If you are looking for door stops rather than excluders then you will need to browse by category over on the right.

An easy way to reduce heating costs and maintain a pleasant living environment is through fixing any problem areas with draught excluders.

There’s nothing worse than having an annoying draught which is where draught excluders, window seals, draught excluders for doors and all other kinds of draught prevention devices come to their own. Sometimes you’ll only need a funky all stylishly designed doorstop to put behind the door in order to prevent a draught from turning your cosy evening in front of the TV and fire into a battle with the elements outside. For more permanent solutions you will probably require a simple strip that fits along the bottom of the door. These brush type draft excluders are easy to fit, usually being screwed on to the bottom of the door frame and should produce a good tight fit to your floor or carpet resulting in any gaps being closed.

If you live in any kind of older building or have just moved into a rental property and find that the windows are pretty old with gaps or missing parts of frames/seals the quick and often easiest fix for this is to buy a roll of cheap adhesive sealing strip which is specifically designed to block out draughts and seal gaps.
With today’s often retro or forever re-modelling homes in the latest style trend, you may find that you have some lovely quaint looking, say pine doors, that through years of paint stripping and use are not as good a fit as they used to be. These are fine in the summer and you will probably not notice anything until the winter and colder nights start settling in. However, if your door is even a smidgen shorter than it used to be (especially common with refurbished doors and houses), with the gap only being at the bottom you may not need a permanent fixture as previously discussed like a brass brush strip, but a only a simple doorstop.
Door Stops

door stopsDoor stops naturally serve the function of keeping the door open but are often also used as draught excluders. Reflecting back to the days of times gone by, when a thriving home and cottage industry made these cute and clever designs often in the shape of sausage dogs or dachshunds, these are now fashionable home accessories in their own right. Door stops fashioned as other (usually elongated) creatures such as caterpillars and snakes or other animal of choice are simply put at the bottom of the door to keep out any draft, and if they are weighted stop it from being blown inwards.

Unless you have a major powerful draught from your front door or an external wall, door stops are typically used for use with internal doors and are usually all you will need to keep your nice and warm and to prevent cold from coming in and warmth from escaping. Today there are many humorous and stylish designs available to buy. Whether you go for a cheap and cheerful caterpillar or dog door stop to meet your draft excluder requirements you will find that there are plenty of shops out there that sell a good choice for any budget.
So the next time you find a draft or notice a gap in that window or door, fear not, as it is most likely a very easy fix thanks to draught excluders which are readily available through our website.
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